Halewood Chemicals Ltd

Specialist pharmaceutical exporter


Halewood is a diverse pharmaceutical manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter.  We supply healthcare products to healthcare professionals all over the world. Exports account for 90% of our annual turnover.  We currently export to over 50 countries, The Middle East, Africa, Australasia and South East Asia are all key markets.

We specialise in:

Pharmaceutical Export of Quality Assured Medicines and Raw materials

Established in 1947 we have a wealth of experience in supplying pharmaceutical products throughout the world and have established a reputation for consistent product quality and reliability of service to our customers.  We source, pack and deliver quality assured medicines, patient packs, and raw materials to pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers and traders, relief organisations and government agencies throughout the world. However fragmented the order we will pack and ship to ensure the order's safe arrival by the most effective freight option.

Our own Branded Range of Generics

We have our own range of generic tablets which are licensed for export to countries outside Europe.  These include Propylthiouracil B.P and Colchicine B.P. together with Charcoal and Aspirin.  We are licensed by the MHRA as a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals.
We are set to grow and we will continue to invest in providing our customers with the highest levels of quality, value and service.